AASM SleepTM Android Application

The AASM SleepTM Android application gives patients access to the AASM SleepTM telemedicine platform from their mobile device. With this mobile app, patients can have a face to face encounter with their sleep provider from just about anywhere using their Android device. Continue reading

ComputerSMS Android and Desktop Applications

I currently own a Moto X and looked forward to the Motorola Connect feature when it was first released. The promise of Motorola Connect was to allow SMS messaging via a Chrome browser plugin. Unfortunately, the delivered product fell well short of my expectations. Initialization was slow, messages weren't sent and received in a timely fashion, messages sent and received within Motorola Connect were not accessible in the messages app on my phone, and using the plugin meant that my messages were being stored on yet another server over which I have no control. Needless to say, I stopped using the Chrome browser plugin after my first experience. I needed to create a better solution for my personal needs. Continue reading

SMorSe Android Application

SMorSe is an Android application that converts incoming text messages to Morse code based on the ITU-R M.1677-1 recommendation. Simply enable the app, and all incoming text messages will be converted to Morse code (even if the app is not running). If the ringer mode is set to normal, the message is played at the frequency and speed settings chosen. If the ringer mode is set to vibrate, the message is vibrated at the speed setting chosen. Each message begins with the starting signal ( — • — • — ), after which the message is played. The cross signal ( • — • — • ) indicates the end of the message. Continue reading