YouTube prettyPhoto Widget


While working on a site that made heavy used of lightboxes to display images and image galleries, the client requested the ability to display a featured video. They wanted this video to be displayed with a thumbnail in a widget area. At the time, there were plenty of YouTube video channel plugins, but I couldn’t find any with lightbox capabilities. Using prettyPhoto, I developed this widget.

The Widget

The Youtube prettyPhoto Widget is used to embed a youtube video into a specific widget area. When selected, the video will be played in a prettyPhoto lightbox. Once this plugin is installed and activated, YouTube with PrettyPhoto will be found in your available widgets. Add the widget to your preferred location, enter the widget’s title, video URL, and thumbnail setting. Hit save, and you’re all set.

Choose the widget area location, and adjust the settings as necessary:

The video will be embedded in the chosen widget area:

When the video is clicked, it is played inside a prettyPhoto lightbox:

Feel free to view the source code or fork the repository on GitHub.

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